Why Enroll

Enrollment in Life Sync Academy exposes children to life-changing advancements they might not otherwise experience. The program is complementary and works alongside professionals to teach children fitness, social interactions, leadership, integrity, planning for the future, and more. By focusing on every positive aspect of their lives and giving them a promising outlook they can reflect on their internal issues and have an outlet and the resources available to put things in perspective.

The program is ten weeks on Saturdays from 9:00AM to noon. It is a great start to their weekends while giving them a boost to face the challenges they have in the upcoming weeks. Enrollees may continue with the program until they are 14 years old to soak in all the knowledge and expertise from our instructors.

If you have any further questions about the program, please call us at 251-300-4793.

Life Sync Academy
3811 Old Shell Road
Mobile, Alabama 36608

(251) 300-4793